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Mastering Fashion Business

Course Summary School: EIDM École Internationale de Mode & Luxe

Location: France, Paris

Education: Diploma

Becoming a Fashion Business Expert means achieving a subtle intellectual alliance combining skills related to communication, marketing, Branding and Fashion.
This program ensures students the discovery and mastery of all the typologies of the Image. Indeed, each professional or individual entity is strong in its history. Of his values as well as his skills. Thus, nowadays, communicating successfully about its assets and potential is essential.
We must not forget that the Expert makes this transcription of the customer's performance. This, through its brand image, a new competitive asset. This valued and outsourced culture thus offers the possibility for each issuer to induce the desired feelings and behaviors according to his target. The definition and management of the customer's Brand Image is therefore the expert's core business. As a result, this program was created for those wishing to immerse themselves in the Exciting World of 360° Image and Branding. And under these conditions, one day launch your own Business!
■ Master the processes of valorization of the individual.
■ Analyze verbal and non-verbal communication.
■ Detect a fashion trend.
■ Study the principles of Branding.
■ Master image management.
■ Analyze communication and marketing strategies.
■ Define, manage and master a Brand Image.
■ Facilitate a Branding presentation.
■ Master the phases of Consulting.
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